Burger King is one of the largest fast-food chains in the globe. BK has thousands of outlets with a footfall of millions of customers each day. Therefore, in order to gather their reviews to determine the levels of satisfaction they got from the services at the outlet, the company has designed the MyBKExperience survey. The food giant strives to cater to the highest levels of satisfaction to its customers when it comes to the quality of service and products. Therefore, to improve their services, they request customers to participate in the survey and give their candid opinions at All a customer needs to do is take a few moments out of their time and answer the questions asked to them about their recent visit to any of the Burger King outlets. In return, the company provides the participant with a reward in the form of a free meal and much more.

Enter Survey or Give Feedback

Here Are Certain Rules You Need To Follow Before Commencing The Survey Process

The rules and requirements are very simple. You need to keep these in mind before starting your survey at in order to be eligible for the rewards attached to the completion of the survey.

  • The participant must be aged 18 years or above.
  • The participant must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • The participant must be well-versed in any of the three languages, English, Spanish, or French. The survey portal is available only in these three languages.
  • The participant must not be closely related to the employee of Burger King as it creates biasness and may influence the opinion and thus hamper with the authenticity of the survey.
  • There is a time limit within which you need to take the survey and avail of the benefits. It varies from a period of 2 days to 30 days. Make sure to check the back of your receipt for it and not miss out on the chance of receiving a reward in the form of a free meal at Burger King.
  • You can participate only once per receipt.
  • You need to save the receipt that contains the survey code with which you participated in the MyBKExperience survey as it is to be carried to the outlet along with the reward voucher to get your free Whopper Sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich.

Step-By-Step Process To Participate In The Survey

Follow the below-mentioned process to successfully complete the MyBKExperience survey.

  • Open a browser on your computer, laptop, or mobile phone having stable internet connectivity.
  • Visit the official webpage of MyBKExperience i.e.,
  • After you enter the web portal, you can select your preferred language. The three options are English, French, and Spanish.
  • Now, you will see a section asking for the Restaurant Number. It is the number mentioned on top of your receipt.
  • After the portal verifies the store, you will be asked to enter the Survey Code, which is also mentioned on your receipt. Make sure that you double-check the code in order to enter the survey.
  • Now that you have entered both the above details correctly, you enter the survey and will be asked a couple of questions to which you need to answer honestly about the experience you had at your last visit to the Burger King outlet.
  • Once you are through with answering the survey questions, the portal will generate a validation code that needs to be carried to the outlet along with the receipt to avail of the benefits that include a free Whopper Sandwich or an Original Chicken Sandwich.

So, this simple process will get the company to know where they fall short in services, and you, as a customer, will get improved service on your subsequent visit to any of the Burger King outlets.

29 thoughts on “Survey”

  1. I would have done a survey, but the top part of my ticket was torn off.
    I visited the Burger King at 1655 Rossville Rd, Clarksville, TN 37043 today on June 30, 2020. My wife and I frequent this store often, probably twice a week. This evening I had ordered a Whopper Jr w/lettuce only, Spicy Chicken Jr add/tomato, 1 small fry, 1 Jalapeno Pepper bites 8-pc, and 2 Hershey pies.
    My complaints are as follows: Whop Jr had lettuce w/mayo(wife does not like mayo and has to scrap it off) second time this week order was wrong, 8-pc Jalapeno Pepper bites turned out to be 6 pieces instead, was chgd for 8 pc. Until lately the service has been better than average. In the last few weeks,
    service has really been SLOW at the drive thru. I am serious when I say that you may as well turn your car engine off while waiting. This usually causes a long line of people waiting.
    This evening when I returned home and found the order being incorrect, I called and asked for the night mgr. I waited for about a minute or two and then hung up. No one answered. To come to their defense, it could have been very busy at the time.
    If needed, my order number is 43

  2. we have went to the burger king in evans ga two weeks in a row &both times the tables were dirty.this time on 7/06/20 we got our drinks but it took 20 mins to get our food.we were number 81 & they got to 86 then i went to the counter to let them know we didnt have our food yet & it still took 5 mins before we got our food

  3. I ordered a “Impossible whopper” from Joliet IL on Larkin St. It was dry. For $5.69 it should of been a better burger. Also the “location” did not fit the identification box on the survey.

  4. I’m also trying to fill out the survey but the store number is not listed. We liked our food but it was not what we ordered. Our receipt will show what we ordered which was a special order. We got something totally different. The employees were so kind. Just felt like I should share.

  5. I was just a customer at the drive-thru at the location in the clifton heights location. I wish i wasn’t. The last couple of times that we have gone there the food has been good. This time the food was horrible. My croissant was hard as a rock,the pain was old. The sausage croissant had hardly egg and it tasted like it was old. The hash browns tasted like the oil was burnt. I’m pretty sure that will be it for burger king for a while.

  6. I attempted to do the survey yesterday, 7/22/20 but it kept telling me that I could not complete it based on the information I provided. After looking closely at the receipt I notice that it has a Miami, Florida address on it. I have no idea why!! Their address is 4102 US 278 Covington, Georgia. I was mainly wanting to give feedback on my visit to this BK. It was the worst experience that I have ever had in a BK. I ordered a Burger King combo. I asked that it be cut in half and I asked for the soda to have very light ice in it because it was a small soda. The value size fry was only half full. The burger was not cut in half and had about 4 small shreds of lettuce on it. The soda came with a cup that was 3/4 full of ice. After complaining about it they said they don’t give refills and there is nothing they can do about it. I asked for ketchup and was given 2 packets and 2 small napkins. The staff working in the restaurant were all standing there looking it me with nasty looks (no one else was in there at the time) and after I went back to my seat they called me back up to get a small water cup of soda to replace what I had. I saw the cup and was very upset with them. The tables were I wanted to sit were filthy with food on the table and floor underneath it (had big signs that they had been cleaned in the middle of the trash on the table). Had to have someone come out to wipe it down and sweep food off floor. This is my third time going to this relatively new location and every time it has been unusually slow with my order. After yesterday, (I stormed out after the soda incident) and decided I would never go there again. They were the rudest I have ever had and I hope that whoever reads this will think twice about going there. It was the worse BK experience ever!!

  7. I was at this location #20733 south holland, ill. The service was awful. No please or thank you no smiles.I can’t figure out what takes so long to put a prepared burger together.
    It wasn’t like there was a long line in the drive through only one car before me. It seems like every Burger King I go to is like that. WHY??? I try not to go there maybe every six months. Hoping there will be a new staff that can move a little faster and act a little nice. Are they unhappy working at BK????Don’t know. Not wanting anyone to get in trouble just thought someone should know. Thank you for you time.

  8. I have been a customer of BK in Dickinson, ND for over two years. I have coffee and breakfast there 4-5 days a week between 8-9 AM. I am very impressed how the staff serves me and my friends even when they are short handed with help from time to time. I am especially impressed with Kerry. He goes out of his way to take care of us. He also is very concerned that the inside and outside grounds are clean. That is not the case in the other fast food places in Dickinson. The other staff members also have a serving attitude. Thank you!

  9. I was at the burger king in side of Walmart bk #21640 and ordered a chicken sandwich fresh out the grease and did not get my sandwich as I as being I spend 9;37 on that order, had I know she was not going to tell them to drop a chicken sandwich I would not have place the order. and the sad part about she knew what she was doing very nasty attitude both of the two ladies working that day sat july 25 2020 at 11:31 am

  10. store #11636 …………. o … Wow what a change , on 7 -17- 2020 4:00 pm – Usually my favorite stop …. new staff doing an everything is giggles and laughs shift , Once I had my food and had driven away i understood why , My whoppers were the greasiest coldest lumps of what could ever considered food , it was so bad the wrapper itself was soaked in grease , imagine a a whopper jr bun with a full size whopper patty ( that’s what it appeared to be ) to say nothing of the soggy Cold limp french fries , I wont be back till I can walk in and verify , the same staff is no longer there , I regurgitate , at the thought of what my food may have been thru .

  11. You advertise 2 whoppers for $5.00 but at 7955 N. Lankershim Bl in North Hollywood location they charged me $6.00 plus tax $6.57. Do each BK has its own pricing?

  12. You have the smallest french fries with your meals of any fast food restaurant I have ever been to! I won,t be back!

  13. Female attendant was not very pleasant when we ordered the 2 meatless whoppers and asked a few questions. Also she gave us the wrong things as I asked for extra pickles and a Small chocolate shake and got no extra pickles and a large shake which was almost five dollars and too large for me.
    We love the meatless whopper very much and go across town to Burger King to get these whoppers and was a bit let down by the experience. thank you

  14. Just visited BK on Grand Caillou Road phone # 985-272-1856. Noticed 1 food processor wearing a mask, 5 food processors with mask pulled down to neck, manager and cashier had mask also pulled down to neck,

  15. I WAS NOT HAPPY WITHBKIN boswellstore9492 the girl at drive tru window started taking our order and she knows us her name is Ashley Thomas and her family is not getting along with us so she maded anothergirl take our 2 orders I thought that was rude and not kind at all if you are in that kind of job you should wait on every one that was very disrespectful the other girl was great we had no problem with her . if Ashley is going to be like that than why is she working there

  16. I eat at BK fairly frequently but not anymore at your store #9334 in Loveland Colorado. We got our food as ordered and proceeded to a table. Due to the virus we were the only customers in the store. We checked 6 different available tables and all of them were dirty. So much for “extra” cleaning during the pandemic. We finally wiped one off ourselves. I checked our meal and the drinks were missing ice. I asked the server for ice and she said “oh we don’t have any, sorry” End of discussion. It would have been very easy for someone to walk across the parking lot to Safeway and buy some ice. The attitude was very poor and made me comment to my wife that we would no longer eat at that store. This happened on July 18, 2020 at 7:48 pm. I would have filled out a response survey but misplace the receipt until now.

  17. Tried to do survey but was not able to enter as Drive Thru order. Therefore couldn’t go forward to answer any questions related to my order because there were only 3 types of orders: Dine In, Carry out and Curbside. As a result couldn’t get a free whopper.

  18. I enjoy the burgers at BK far and above others available in this community. They seem less greasy and taste better to me but I’m not sure just why. The drive thru lines are long but service is accurate and worth the wait!

  19. We visited #1837 Eustis Florida as we have before..which from the last 2 previous visit should have told us to never go there again..this location is awful. Something needs to be done about it. The 1st thing about this visit was the sign where you place your order was unbelievable. The signs were falling down inside the glass and look terrible. Next we waited in line ( only one in front of us) which seemed like forever..we both said wish we had timed it. Three other car pulled up behind us one of them backing out of the drive through before placing the order most likely because they saw the signs. We ordered just like every single time we go there 2 whoppers no cheese just mayo only. Just meat and mayo only. Repeat this each time. Do you think it has ever been right..usually we discover this after we get home..this time I said let check them. And so you think they were mayo only nope. Had everything in them. Told the guy at the window this is not what we ordered..he just turned and walked away I am guessing to say something to whom ever was preparing the bugers. We should have stay but in discuss we just drove away and decided to let corporate know about this. Unfortunately my husband likes your burgers but this is just a place I do not want to go to any longer due to appearance, food quality and basically the entire experience. I do hope someone checks in on this location and can make some improvements. We were there Sept 6th at 5:42 pm.

  20. Went to store #596 they messed up my order. Asked for impossible whopper with no onion, onion rings, unsweet tea and a plain hamburger; got impossible whopper with onion, onion rings that were nasty due to being old, sweet tea and a hamburger with mustard, ketchup and pickles. Took meal home and wasn’t driving back . I have diabetes so I only drink unsweet tea and the plain hamburger was for my child who can’t have all the conidoments. the raw onions gives me heartburn, so this was a waste of money for a meal.

  21. Wow!!! Some ugly comments above, but I know how they feel. For the past few days we have been eating out due to moving to a new home. I have gotten some bad orders recently. Happily, I went to store 3072 in Elizabeth City, NC. I ordered a #1 meal from the drive thru, a no cheese Whopper with heavy mayo, ketchup and onions…also onion rings and a large coke with a Hershey Pie. The onion rings were still cooking so they politely asked me to pull around front so I didn’t hold up the line. They quickly bought my food in less than 2 minutes. My food was perfectly cooked, hot and fresh. I forgot to ask for onion ring sauce but it was already in the bag with napkins (which sometimes are forgotten). Although it was a special order, they prepared my burger perfectly (extras added), the onion rings were obviously hot and fresh and the Coke was right on time. I was going to do a survey but their register is getting low on ink and did not print the entire survey code 17039-41021-53015-last 5 is missing. Order 1, Sept. 13, 11:54am. Polite Staff, Quick Service, Good Job!!! Very satisfied.


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