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Today, every organization, be it be working in any industry, needs an honest review from their customers. Surveys related to the satisfaction levels of the customer have become very popular. The primary reason being that every organization wants to know whether they can cater to the needs of their customers. To put it in simpler terms, they want to determine the levels of customer satisfaction to see if they like their product or service or not.

Take BK Survey or Give Feedback

What is Burger King?

Burger King, popularly known as BK, is an American multinational chain involved in the business of selling hamburgers. It is a fast-food chain. The company is headquartered in Miami – Dade County, Florida. The BK began its journey way back in 1953 with the name Insta-Burger King. Burger King’s menu is diverse and includes burgers, french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes, and much more. Burger King is one of the largest fast-food chains with over 20,000 outlets spread over 100 countries. Out of the 20,000 outlets, half of them are situated in the United States itself. The company is growing by leaps and bounds because of the customer satisfaction that it caters to. Therefore, to keep serving their customers with better and better service, they designed the www.mybkexperience.com survey.

What is MyBKExperience?

MyBKExperience is a survey pertaining to the customer satisfaction of BK’s customers. The study is designed in a way that the company is able to collect data that determines the satisfaction of each and every customer. The survey is formulated with a holistic approach. The survey is multi-dimensional and covers every question the company needs answers to in order to improve its services in a better and efficient manner. The comprehensive survey helps the company know the gaps it needs to fill in order to provide the highest satisfaction to their loyal customers. By using the MyBKExperience survey, customers can be as candid as they can and put forward their views on Burger King. The decision making people at BK go through these surveys and work to modify the services accordingly and cate quality services to their customers.

Survey Website www.mybkexperience.com
Is it necessary to purchase something from the Burger King outlet to participate in the survey?Yes, you need to have a BK receipt to get the survey code and time mentioned on it, which is essential for the survey.
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, and French
Type of entry Online
Age limit18 years and more
Prize of surveyWhopper Sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich
Expiry of the codeWithin 30 days of generation of the receipt
Entry limit A single entry per receipt
OrganizationBurger King
RewardFree Vouchers, Whopper

What Are The Basic Requirements You Need To Fulfill To Participate In The Survey?

In order to receive a voucher code to avail the offer of a free Whopper Sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich, you must fulfill the following requirement:

  • To start your Burger King Survey, you should have a valid receipt from Burger King. The receipt contains a unique survey code. The code serves as an invitation to participate in the survey. It is pertinent to mention here that the receipt should be used within 30 days of its generation for the survey at www.mybkexperience.com.
  • The customer taking the survey must be a legal resident of the United States of America.
  • The customer must have visited the outlet and should be aged 18 years or above.
  • The participant must have basic knowledge of using an electronic device such as a computer, a laptop, or a smartphone. The same should support an active and stable internet connection.
  • All the participants of the MyBKExperience survey will need to have basic knowledge of typing and reading in English, French, or Spanish as the website supports these languages.

Therefore, in order to get through the survey process and earn amazing rewards, you need to fulfill the above requirements before entering the MyBKExperience survey.

How To Login To The Official Mybkexperience Portal?

  • In order to avail of the reward associated with the completion of the survey, you need to follow the below step-by-step process to successfully complete the survey:
  • You need to visit the official website of MyBKExperience i.e., www.mybkexperience.com.
  • Here, on this page, the default language is set to English. But, a customer can change to either Spanish or French as well.
  • Now, on this page, you will be asked to enter the unique restaurant number that is mentioned on your receipt from the outlet.
  • Followed by this, you will be asked to enter the survey code that is also provided on the very same receipt.
  • Once you enter all the above details correctly, you will enter the survey and will be eligible to answer various questions with regard to the quality of service you got at the outlet along with your satisfaction experience.

Once you are through with the survey, you will get a code that could be used at the same outlet to avail of the rewards i.e., either a free Whopper Sandwich or Original Chicken Sandwich.

What Are The Questions Asked In The Survey?

A few of the questions that are asked are as below:

  • How did you like the taste?
  • Was the outlet clean?
  • How long did your order take to come to you?
  • Opinion on food prices.
  • Staff behavior.
  • Frequency of your visit.

In addition to the above, there are many other questions to determine the levels of satisfaction of Burger King customers through this survey.

Final Words

It is beyond question that a customer survey about the company is beneficial to both the customer and the company. The customer gains a better service quality at their favorite outlets, and the company gets to provide better services to their customers to gain customer loyalty and hence, the revenue. It is advisable to be as candid as you can be while undertaking the survey as Burger King takes into account every review seriously and works hard to provide better and better service to their customers. Therefore, visit your nearest BK outlet today and participate in the MyBKExperience survey available at www.mybkexperience.com.

11 thoughts on “www.mybkexperience.com – Take Burger King Survey”

  1. No receipt given. You must review this interaction of the worlds worst customer interaction.
    Did they consider toxifying my order, tainting my water?
    Approximately 4:17pm cst on 7/10/2020 employees at BK#3019 argued and challenged me about the price of 4 cookies added to my order of two Impossible Whoppers.
    Then they attempted to only issue me two cookies after acknowledging their mistake.
    I am (was) a 4 day a week customer.
    Adulterating my food/water is an issue your legal department and my health department need to investigate and resolve.
    I expect to be kept in the the loop with your legal department and the health department.
    Arlen Backey 7/10/2020.,

  2. Friday July 17 we drove thru at the Washington IN Burger King and I ordered 2 deals of the 8-piece chicken nuggets and my husband ordered a burger meal. His was fine but the nuggets were so cold, I’m not sure they even cooked them, just let them thaw out. I couldn’t stand to eat them. Then when I tried to fill out the BK survey, it wouldn’t let me. I am very disgusted and it will be a while before I go back if I don’t get some satisfaction through a response from you.

  3. Worst Sandwich meal ever service was bad also. I asked no lettuce or light Mayo got everything I didn’t want. Mozzarella sticks aren’t fit to eat. Service was bad I have pictures of food and receipt. I was at Store 8387 in Dublin around 2;15 7/21/20

  4. Is Burger King Going Broke. It A Sad Deal You Got Beg For Napkin And Ketchup. Then Get Down The Road 10 Mile Open Bag No Napkin Or Ketchup

  5. the burger king 3493 at 340 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati,OH 45246 513-671-07** order 47 Survey Code: 39437-97022-39426-00**** the sign on the menu said mix and match 2 for $5.00 so i ordered 2 whoppers and 2 spicy chickens. I was 0ver charged $9.58 for the 2 spicy chicken and $5.00 for the 2 whopper which came to a total of $14.58. I did want to argue with older person because he been very nice in the past. I think he was working by himself on the register and fixing the food and I noticed the buns were smaller on the 2 whoppers. other than being overcharged for the 2 spicy chickens everything seems to be ok. thank you from Mr. James E. Clack of Forest, Park Ohio 45240

  6. I clearly like Mcdonalds fish sandwhich much better then BK. It was a time I wouldn’t buy a fish sandwhich unless it was from
    BK. Big BK Fish. same size has whopper and cook very well now yuk.

    Also everytime I try to do a survey it always sa it has collected all it can.

  7. The receipt informs us to complete a survey for a free sandwich. We went to the website listed on the receipt. Got to the website and entered the number for the restaurant. Clicked the “next” button and it asked for the long code number listed on the receipt. We only had 4 items on the receipt, but no where was the listed code number. Looked high, low, on the back, everywhere but no code number. It had the restaurant address and phone number and location code, order number, items ordered, total, method of payment, merchant ID, the website for the survey and the date and time of the order, but NO code number for the survey. What gives? But the food was excellent, hot, and service was fast and friendly. No complaints there.

  8. Went to BK # 1592 Stuart, Fl at 5:15 PM 8/3/20 order 551, ordered 2 big fish and a sm soft drink. When we arrived home discovered we had 1 fish and 1 dried out chicken. Attempted fill out the survey, but my receipt looks different than the one on your survey site, and there is NO survey code on the front or back of the receipt. Fish sandwich was just ok, and could not eat the chicken.

  9. Had a wonderful experience, at BK# 3536 Midlothian VA. The drive-thru hostess, Pamela was polite and patient, but I was especially pleased with her professional service when I asked for a ice tea – lemonade mix. Thank you !

  10. I just tried to purchase a gift card from your burger king store on Elmira street in Sayre, PA #3175. The cashier tried to use a new card to create a ten dollar gift card. She had trouble so she asked for help. I have no problem with her actions. I did not like what the third person did. He took a bunch of old cards out and tried to reload the ten dollars on them. He did get one reloaded. It was one that looked dirty and had tiny pin holes in the plastic. It was not usable as a gift card. I finally went to another fast food restaurant and got one I could use as a gift. I don’t know how safe it is to use old cards. I have used hand sanitizer on it and pray that it is safe for me to use. I was very disappointed.


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